About Rutland Trails

Rutland Trails – how it began

Rutland Trails is the brainchild of Ian Strange, a local man, who stepped outside his front door one day with wife Dawn, and set off on a week’s adventure across the county.

“We had plotted a bit of a route but we really wanted to discover Rutland as we walked through it, and we certainly did just that,” said Ian.

The couple, equipped with just a rucksack, followed bridleways and footpaths, stretching from Ketton across the county to Oakham before heading south to Uppingham. The circular walk took in some of Rutland’s most outstanding scenery, a few of its famous landmarks, as well as experiencing local hospitality at the overnight stops.

“We covered about 65 miles over the course of five days but that was irrelevant really,” explained Ian “We had such an amazing yet simple week; every day was different from the next; the landscape was ever changing; the B&Bs and hotels we chose were friendly and so welcoming (even with mucky walking boots!); it felt really satisfying and a great sense of achievement at the end.”

Best holiday ever

“We both agreed it was our best holiday for personal achievement together, for our fitness and general well being (there’s nothing more satisfying than taking off those walking boots and soaking in the bath before a well-earned meal washed down with a local brew!) and for clearing our minds and putting everything into perspective.

“On top of that, we got to see the countryside on our doorstep which you are in blissful ignorance of when you fly by in a car getting from A to B. We may be slightly biased but Rutland is certainly a hidden gem,” added Ian.

Ignited an idea

The entire experience ignited the start of an idea. Ian explained: “If we had got so much out of it, why wouldn’t other people.”

The research and footwork unfolded as Ian began to turn the seed of an idea into a proper walking holiday offering.

Trying out and testing walks and trails across a range of distances, then meeting with owners of local hotels, B&Bs and restaurants, as well as places of interest (Ian is keen to support truly ‘local’ businesses), he has created a walking holiday experience that he believes others will enjoy just as much as he and Dawn did on that very first adventure!

About Rutland

Rutland is one of the UK’s smallest counties. Find out more about this unique land locked county and some of its more interesting facts here.

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About Ian Strange

What makes Rutland Trails unique is Ian. His passion for people, for walking and keeping fit and healthy, as well as the chance to show off the local landscape, makes this walking holiday a very special experience.

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