Ian’s story

The perfect companion for your guided walks in Rutland

If you ever meet Ian you can’t help but to be touched by his down to earth yet effervescent thirst for life. He is definitely a cup’s half full man!

Never one to turn down an adventure, he has had an inspiring life so far and his many tales will enrapture you, as well as make you smile.

His infectious personality, warm manner, and endless desire to ensure you are looked after and having a good time while in his company, make Ian the perfect companion for your guided walks in Rutland.

Ian Strange

Ian’s achievements

Growing up on the edge of the Peak District, Ian learned at a young age that walking was probably in his blood. His mum and dad used to catch the bus from Sheffield to the Peaks and set off on a circular with a flask and sandwiches. Ian and sister Annette happily tagged along.

In his late teens he joined his mates on week-long trips that took them to most of the UK’s official walking trails and paths. Of course, there was always the need for a pint (or two) at the end, by way of reward!

Exercise hasn’t been confined to walking – Ian runs, climbs and cycles. He has completed London (twice) and New York marathons, as well as numerous half marathon events. He has climbed to Everest Base Camp in the Himalayas, to the top of Europe’s highest mountain Mont Blanc, as well as Britain’s three tallest peaks. He also recently completed the Freedom Trail, the challenging trek across the Pyrenees from France to Spain, as experienced by escapees during the Second World War.

Climbing has now given way to a more sedate and less risky pastime of cycling where he has ticked off a 100-mile road race, as well as most recently supporting a local charity cycling event from his home village of Easton on the Hill to Elviria in Spain (Ian did a 150-mile leg of this epic ride in France).

Ian’s outlook on life

Ian’s father died of a heart attack at home when he was just 52. As you would imagine, this had a huge impact on Ian and the way he chose to lead his own life going forward.

“Losing my dad at such a young age was devastating but it also taught me the most important lesson – you only get one life, you really do have to live every moment. While it sounds like an over used cliché, it was right in my case and is an ethos I have followed ever since,” Ian explained.

Find out why Ian chose Rutland

Living on the doorstep of one of the UK’s prettiest counties, it is not difficult to understand why Ian has been inspired to establish Rutland Trails.

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